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Find reservations at sold-out campgrounds in the USA

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Thinking about road tripping the USA? Great! Don't want to stress about finding the right campground? I have just the tip for you: Campnab.

Finding the right campground to stay at can be difficult, especially if you want to camp inside the National Parks. Which I highly recommend doing so, because this way you are ahead of the long queues at the entrance.

Visiting the National Parks of America has always been popular. But recently the number of visitors has gone through the roof! Campground within the National Parks fill up quick. Stan and I started looking for campground around 3 months in advance. We soon found out that most of the campgrounds we wanted to stay at were already full. Which made planning in advance a bit more difficult. Luckily for us, we found Campnab! We booked around 70% percent of our campground by using this website.

Our trip was 43 nights long (1st of may till the 12th of june), which means that Campnab helped us stay at various campground for about 30 nights!

Just for reference: Stan and I chose to go for plan 'Good', which costs us $10 dollars a month and gave us the following:

  • Scans every 15 minutes

  • Up to 3 concurrent scans

  • Scan any date in the next 12 months

Let me tell you how Campnab works:

The first step is to make an account, you do this by choosing your plan and filling in your details. After having payed for the plan that fits you best, you can start adding your scans.

  1. Start typing the name of the park or campground you'd like to stay at;

  2. Then select which campgrounds you want campnab to monitor for you;

  3. You can then select if you want campnab to scan for all openings, or is you want it to filter your scan based on: Any type, standard, walk to, group area and so on;

  4. You then add your vehicle length;

  5. And simply pick your check-in and check-out date;

  6. Once you've filled this in you click on 'add scan', now everytime there is a campground available campnab will send a message to your mobile device.

Let me show you an example:

Hurry! Yosemite National Park Upper Pines Campground Site 119 arriving May 17

All you have to do now, is simply click the link and it will bring you right to the booking page of this camping spot. Most of the bookings go through

Tip: Make sure you have an account with, and that you download their app! As soon as you get the message from campnab and go to the booking page, the booking proces will be allot easier for you because you allready filled in all your personal and payment details.

Want to know more about the campgrounds we stayed at? Then subscribe to this website and I'll keep you updated on all the goods!

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