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Spectacular sunsets, giant cacti and a chance at spotting tarantulas

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

America has no less than 59 national parks. Each park is known for its own admirable features. After visiting White Sands National Park, Saguaro National Park was next on our list. Home of the grand Saguaro Cacti. The highest cactus in the park is 78 feet (24 meters). That really is insane! To give you an idea of the height, then take a look at the picture below. If you look closely, you can see that I'm walking in between these giants.

Stan and I weren't sure what to expect while visiting this park. For once our research wasn't that elaborate. But one of the first things we did while visiting this park was dropping by the visiting center. Which is a good first stop at any park you visit by the way! The rangers that work here can tell you all the necessary information about your stay in the park. They can give you insights about the best hikes to do, road conditions, where to spot wildlife etc. They basically make your visit so much more interesting.

After we dropped by the visitor center, Stan and I only had little time left to catch a great sunset hike, we read about this great hike that would walk you through the cacti to a wonderful lookout point. Valley View Overlook Trail, we had to be quick to be able to catch it. This hike is about a mile. So, we parked the car, jumped out and started walking. We got there just in time to spot some beautiful color pallets.

At the top we met a really nice couple, a guy that was originally from the U.S.A and his girlfriend that lived in Germany but traveled most of the year. Because of our rush while starting this hike Stan and I forgot our headlamps. That's why we tried to stay close to this nice couple. They had a flashlight with them. It was all fun and games until the guy asked me if he could explain why he brought this flashlight in particular.

"With this flashlight I can detect tarantula spiders, if there's one is the bushes, it's eyes would reflect in the light."

I didn't know how fast to get back to the car! But, if you're up for an adventure, i'd suggest you definitely pay this park a visit!

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