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Taking our campervan to the UK without planning in advance

Stan and I are currently on our way to roadtrip through Scotland. To get there we needed to take a ferry. We didn’t really look into it and just started driving towards Calais. There are two big ferry companies that cross the water towards Dover: DFDS and P&O.

Why it is important to plan ahead!

Once we made it to Calais, there were still some ferry crossings left! But they were crazy expensive. We thought that finding a last minute deal would be doable. But while booking a ferry crossing nothing could be further from the truth. The closer you get to the departure time of the ferry the more expensive they get.

Let me give you a example:

We got to the ticket office on the 13th of May around 17:00. There were still multiple ferry’s leaving that day: 18:30, 19:50, 21:30, all these times would cost us £187.

We then asked for the prices of the ferry’s in the morning on the 14th of May. 05:20, 06:40, 08:20. These times would cost us £102. That’s a £82 difference. We asked the very nice man at the ticket office if there were any campsites in the area, he then told us we could sleep on the parking lot of the ticket office free of charge. There even was a toilet we could use during the night! So obviously we opted for the morning option.

Ps. if we look up the ferry price for a few days in advance it would have been £86.

What should you take away from this?

Book your ferry trip to the UK in advance!

On our way to bonnie Scotland.

Like we said before, we took the early morning ferry of 05:20. As we have a campervan, we drove onto the ferry, and continued our night sleep in the back of the van.

We were one of the first vehicles to enter the ferry, so we had about 1 hour and 40 minutes of sleep left!

Once we arrived in Dover it was time to make our way North. More on our trip in tomorrow’s post.

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